Stop using Google Chrome in your enterprise

Unless you’re one of those Google Workspace people.

Your users won’t even notice

Aside from a different icon, your users won’t even notice that they are using Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge looks very similar to Google Chrome, with the exception that it feels more like it belongs in Windows 10. Google Chrome extensions also work in Microsoft Edge, and your users can transfer their data to Microsoft Edge easily.

It’s faster

Microsoft Edge, being a browser native to Windows, is a lot faster than Google Chrome, and uses less resources. Microsoft Edge also removes a lot of the bloat that comes with Google Chrome, and provides the ability to update itself through Windows Update, which is a plus for those who would rather not have the browser update itself all the time.

It’s more secure, and more private

If you use Microsoft 365 in your enterprise, you can automatically sign your users in to Microsoft Edge to manage their browser. This means that data loss prevention policies from Microsoft 365 can automatically be set on the browser, and that your users’ bookmarks and browsing data will automatically be synced to their Microsoft 365 work accounts. This also means that your company’s confidential information doesn’t go seeping into someone’s personal Google accounts.

You really don’t need another browser

Microsoft Edge is both Chromium and Internet Explorer, all in one. Microsoft Edge provides the level of compatibility that Google Chrome brought when it conquered the web, but also brings enterprise compatibility by providing Internet Explorer Mode, a mode that administrators can configure on users’ machines to redirect certain sites/pages to an Internet Explorer container within Microsoft Edge that maintains legacy add-ons such as Java. This means that your users can be secure on the web with the latest browser engine and security fixes, but can also use your legacy enterprise applications when they need to. Convenient.

You can use it even if you use Google Workspace

You can use Microsoft Edge even if you use Google Workspace in your enterprise. With the exception of browser data syncing, Microsoft Edge should work with all of Google Workspace’s services (with the exception of a couple of nag messages deliberately put in by Google). And if you use something else, that should work too.

In summary

The new Microsoft Edge makes your enterprise easier to manage, and you’ll have lesser to worry about when testing and deploying your enterprise applications. Despite all of Microsoft’s nagging (which I argue is actually for the users' sake), the new Microsoft Edge is great, and I think we’re just seeing the start of something even greater.