Electron ain't the future, but there is still space for the web

Mobile apps are at the very least... native. Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio Code, WhatsApp... all of those 'apps' run on Electron, essentially forcing you to run a full web browser every time you open those apps. Electron apps are slow, inconsistent, lack native system features, and are sometimes just... bad (looking at you, Microsoft Teams).

Electron isn't the future of desktop apps. But there is a better solution. With Microsoft's development of its Edge WebView on Windows 10 and the availability of Apple's Safari WebViews on macOS, you could theoretically develop high performance and natively optimized web 'apps' using web wrappers native to their OSes. No bulky Chromium gunk required.

Safari's WebView already performs great on macOS, just take a look at Pocket Casts's desktop 'app', which uses Safari WebViews. It performs and works a lot better than say, Microsoft Teams, which uses Electron.

Microsoft is also in the process of moving some of its Electron apps to its own Edge WebView2 wrapper, which is great news for the performance of Microsoft web 'apps' on Windows 10.

If you're too lazy to go native, there might just be a better solution. Hold off on the Electron 'app'.